Unique To Stimulate The World’s Most Creative Adventure Travel-2

Want a tropical beach with a sun and a view, and the closest thing to your belt is a climbing rope? You should come to Thailand Krabi. After synthetically seen major global climbing Mecca for you, recommended here: the city is located in the Thailand of Dammam beach, Karst scenery is picturesque, even in the middle of the Krabi river. This makes it easy to become one of the best rock climbing destinations in the world.

If you really pay attention to rock climbing, go to the west side of the Railay peninsula. There is a steep and form rich limestone, covering almost all climbing skills required, such as good drape, occasional overhanging stalactite.

In the most famous National Park in South Africa, what method more than on foot close to flocks of hungry lions, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos and giraffe? There are 7 wild animals and plants in Kruger National Park. You can walk with the guide with the gun and spend the night in the park. In these routes, the path to bark to enjoy the best Africa five wild animal (black rhino, black buffalo, elephants, cheetahs and lions) known.

Most of these routes need to spend 2 days and 3 nights, about 20 kilometers a day trip, the speed is not slow, it is relatively leisurely. Of course, if you find a lion behind you, that’s not the case.

Just listen to this name is to lure those sea kayak enthusiasts, but the fact is that here is more fun than it sounds. In the Gulf of Alaska, 10 icebergs slide down the slopes and form a variety of glaciers in the water. Adventure spirit”. Passengers can be in any place to let them down, water began to kayak, so you can almost anywhere in the glacier is open. People with high levels, will choose from Tiberias B. down to the mill Bay route takes approximately 2 weeks. The most beautiful glacier, located in the vicinity of West Arm, but the area of the camp is very limited.

This is located in the desert hiking route 233 km, about the whole process takes about two weeks. La Lepen Kobita trails through the western Macdonald mountains, one of the oldest mountains in the world. From the beginning of Alice springs, has been extended to Sang Defeng, Lepingta will pull through the general path of oasis Canyon, sharp quartz rock peak, and the vast desert plain. Along the way, often camping and sinks, so that the difficulty of desert hiking greatly reduced, but did not reduce the beauty of the desert, which is the most beautiful place in the red center of the landscape.

And the sea beast tour, want to picture is too beautiful…… Close your eyes and tell yourself, “this is not a killer whale……” And then you’ll feel a lot easier to get out of the boat into the water. 3 months of the year, these orcs will come to this cetacean animal, chasing a bay, they love the herring. Behind them are some whale watching boats, and a handful of intrepid divers who, with their own courage, accept the Arctic and killer whales.

Here, there is a play relatively moderate, rent a kayak, boat on the whales in.


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