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Prepare a full set of outdoor equipment, in the Alps between two famous ski resort Chamonix and Zermatt to meet the world’s most beautiful ski experience. The high road length of 140 km, most skiers take a week to finish. Along the way to build a lot of accommodation huts, a way to cross the more than and 20 glaciers, climb the highest and the most beautiful mountain the Alps, the scenery is amazing.

But don’t let your guard down, it’s not a leisure trip: the terrain is complex and challenging, and the climb and descent are over 10 thousand meters along the way. If you prefer to walk rather than ski, you can wait for the summer to come back and walk across the hiking trail”.

Fall a valley in the rocky mountains around the lake along the 230 km road, connects Lake Lewis and jasper. In the eyes of many people, this is recognized as one of the most scenic highway, one of the most suitable for riding mountain line ice Garden Avenue is the bike enthusiasts recognized. Impatient people can ride finished in 2 days, but the distribution of camping and the hotel told us can hang around here for four or five days.

It is worth mentioning that the road can see things, in addition to mountains and lakes, there are a variety of mammals — goats, bighorn sheep, elk, moose, black bear and grizzly bears sometimes meet.

The activity called “golden eye bungee”, because Pierce Brosnan in the movie “golden eye”, namely, James Bond, was in the Ticino River on the Fuzhasika dam full of thrills a jump. In people terrified at the same time, the gap between the world’s largest commercial base bungee became people desire outdoor shrine. Although many people have tried bungee jumping from the tower, but here still feel fear!

Here you can use the classic goose jump, or double jump, endure 7.5 seconds of free fall time, although time is very short, but the feeling is like a long lasting. Only then you will find that in this way to re experience in the movie to see the classic jump when stunned, that jump was one of the most amazing experience in the history of the film audience judges. Bungee jumping activities of the operation time is in Easter Island in October.

Moab is a mountain biking destination in all of the oldest, its reputation from a local called “smart rock geological structure, it is a kind of sand was polished very smooth stone, why is the Utah town of mountain biking is so unique. There are a lot of places for bicycles in Moab, the most famous is the “smart rock bike trail”, some say it is the world’s most famous mountain biking routes. The total length of 220 km passing through the most rugged sandstone, super steep hill road, downhill road subduction, the entire route as the roller coaster experience.

If you are worried that you are not smart enough to complete the whole process, at least have the courage to experience the 3 km long loop.

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