The Moon’s Back Is Never Visible

The moon round the earth’s orbital period is 27.3 days, at the same time the moon revolves around the earth rotation in the period of 27.3 days, it is just a sidereal month, this phenomenon we call “synchronous rotation”. Because the moon’s rotation period and the period of revolution is equal, so we can see the moon on the earth in front of the back, and never see.

The back of the moon is far from the earth, has been an unknown mysterious zone. There are many spacecraft flying into the back of the moon, and the earth’s direct radio communication will be temporarily interrupted. Photos of the spacecraft show that there is a big gap between the number and the size of the lava pool on the front and back of the moon. This shows that the impact of the back and the front of the meteorite collision rate gap. According to foreign media reports, scientists suspect that in the back of the moon, a lot of hidden dark secret, which includes not only the possible alien base, more here crashed alien spaceship. Even some scientists speculate that the dark side of the moon is actually an alien habitat.

The moon lava contains a lot of elements, such as titanium, chromium and yttrium, melting of these elements need at least two thousand or three thousand more high temperature, but the moon at least 3 billion years without volcano activity, the required temperature of the metal elements is how to generate? But scientists are still lunar soil samples were found in pure iron and pure titanium, this it is not possible because of the nature of nature, not a pure iron. Is it possible to explain the fact that these metals are not naturally formed?

Although modern science and technology enable us to have a better understanding of the moon, the mystery surrounding the moon seems to be getting more and more serious.

In December 25, 1968, when “Appollo 8” spacecraft carrying the command of the conductor, Flach. Bauman and two assistants in the back of the moon with the naked eye detection, suspected UFO landed and taken photos found. After the “confidential”, did not disclose the long-term. It was not until 80s that the media discovered a clue. The photo is in the back of the moon from the surface of the earth 100 kilometers with a telephoto lens photography. From the picture can faintly see a huge UFO is left beneath the lunar landing. The flying saucer landing on the moon will, with a crane like crane like up, under the crane arm stood in a row fusiform body, highly consistent, equidistant arrangement, similar to the airport runway on both sides of the tower.

Since December 1972, the United States, “Appollo 17” spacecraft to return to earth, the United States after the end of the “Appollo” moon landing program, more than 30 years, the United States and the Soviet Union since then no manned missions to the moon. One view is that this is because all 25 American astronauts have to fly to the moon on the moon that UFOs, alien to the powerful science and technology “fear”, prompted NASA (NASA) abandoned the manned lunar landing mission.

source:Light of existence

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