The Golden Retriever And Master Of The Game To Eat Noodles, Dog Victory, Floating A Contempt For The Eyes To The Owner.

Family are very familiar with the dog in the Golden Retriever is warm male, there is no less than the border collie IQ and lively personality, very suitable for family pets so golden. But although the golden warm male, but taste was not handsome, and pig, milk is the mother. Today, there is a pet owners in the online upload a video, is to own a golden retriever and noodles competition.

See the golden high cold proud eyes, not the master in the eyes, in front of the bowl face it is a piece of cake. Next to the host before the golden retriever could not wait to start eating it, must know their strength less than half golden, cheating.

Not the strength of the owner always eat a look at the dog. No golden in the eyes of his master, a master didn’t have to look at how much to eat, just concentrate on eating their bowl, you certainly can defeat the master.

Golden lick basin, master bowl and a bowl! The dog of the pot lick clean, the master is really bad.

Master said: Although you do not eat noodles speed fast, but the loss is not lost, I want to eat all the rest of the face. This time to golden master threw a disdainful look. Also looked piteously master: give in, eat eat can I help you ah.
See the golden retriever like this seems to say: you win the game, I help you eat? This is simply a disdain for the master ah! Indirectly told the owner, this bowl is not enough! I can eat two bowls!

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