The 20 Most Worthy Places To Visit In Sichuan

1.Daocheng Aden moun

Daocheng mount Tibetan read as “Gongga risong Kampot”, meaning “Three Dharma Kamiyama holy snow is not, by Xian nairi, maiyong, Siano Dorji, is the main part of the three seat completely separated, but not far, is the shape of arrangement.

In the long years in the past, the mountain infiltrated how many Tibetans hope and the dream, that is the destination of their souls. In a new world is coming, the earth is becoming more and more crowded, more and more clean when it sits the sky Gungaz Song Gun Bbu, more precious, desirable.

Daocheng mount Feng Xian nairi 6032 meters north, South Peak maiyong 5958 meters, 5958 meters east of Siano Dorji peak. Three white Xuefeng, Qiaoba, like the sword into the sky. Xian nairi as the Buddha, the lotus seat side proudly; maiyong like girl, demure, pure; like Siano Dorji young, vigorous and resolute, in good out of a bandbox. Around the corner of Xuefeng peak forest, a total of more than and 30 large and small, spectacular in different poses and with different expressions.

2.Gongga mountain

In may pass, the king of Shushan Gongga mountain stands in front, towering into the sky, looked up between the sigh of nature magnificent.

3.Shaidawuming Buddhist Institute

The color of the world’s largest Buddhist Institute – five Buddhist Institute, the summer sun, the mountains and the background, if the world Seda shrine, devout believers, can not help but feel the power of faith.

4.Four Girls Mountain

Four Girls Mountain is composed of four mountain without stop, perennial snow covered, like head with white yarn, four girls looks handsome, known as the “Queen of Shushan”.

5.Jiuzhaigou Huanglong

Jiuzhaigou qiuyinong, wucaiche colorful, sparkling ditch on the beautiful. The winter Jiuzhai less visitors, tickets is a lot cheaper, quiet Jiuzhai ice and snow in the world, but there is a lot of different kind of beauty.

6.The cattle Hill

Standing on the back of the ox hill, at the foot of the sea of clouds, cloud waterfall, and silky, sometimes waves, folk has “Niubei guilaibukan cloud” of praise. Mud mountain, Wawu mountain, Mount Emei, Four Girls Mountain, and jiajinshan Erlang Mountain in Gongga, snow capped mountains in the side of the Dadu River, the Grand Canyon in the famous mountains, all the land of abundance have become exquisite bonsai at this time.

7.Danba Tibetan Village

Danba Tibetan village is located in the west of Sichuan, mainly in the middle of the village is the most prominent, is the most distinctive characteristics of the village. Into the stockade, you can see hundreds of residential buildings in mountain, well-proportioned into the natural environment, the collapse of open architecture reflects the concept of heaven, Danba Tibetan village was also named the six most beautiful Chinese Town Village head.

8.Muya urn

Muya urn is located in Sichuan County of Kangding Province town of Xindu Tagong, built to share more than and 100 kilograms of gold, it is said that the temple opening, colorful auspicious clouds appeared in the sky, iris.

9.Ruoergai grassland

Ruoergai grassland is known as “the Northwest Plateau of Sichuan Province”, which is one of the three major wetlands in china. The summer of Ruoergai grassland water Feng Sheng, cattle and sheep everywhere, cool and beautiful. In the grass lake, pure color, the lake is full of flowers, a riot of colours, such as in wonderland.

10.Hailuogou Valley

Hailuogou is the most famous Chinese elevation, marine glaciers – Hailuogou glacier, February day, the glaciers in the world there is a world of ice and snow spa number ten, tourists spa on the glacier. Between the water temperature ranged from 40 to 80 DEG C, which is a high temperature of 90 degrees Celsius feiquan. Hot and cold set in a place, very magical.

11.Mount Emei

Mount Emei is a Buddhist shrine, December snow floated, snow, add a quiet and serene.


Autumn shade “photography paradise” like a dancing girl to Xinduqiao Shan, qiaoxiaoqianxi, energy-saving, all moving.

13.Red Rock Beach

Yajiageng Redstone is a kind of growth is extremely rare rust red algae (lichen complex), every stone on the banks of the glacier were covered with a piece of red coat, red in the river on both sides of accumulation, flocks of Hongshi into a flowing red, and the associated downstream water qinglie.

14.Yellow River First Beach

15.Dang Ling Hulu sea

16.jianmen pass

17.Leshan Giant Buddha


19.Shimmermist Hills

20.New road sea

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