Old Toothbrush Do Not Throw, A Miracle With A Lighter Burn

Usually toothbrush is generally 2 to 3 months for a change, then replace the old toothbrush, how do you deal with it? Never throw! To and small to best use, put the old toothbrush into.

1. we will sometimes use an old toothbrush to brush the cup, the cup wall usually toothbrush can clean very clean, but there is no way to brush the bottom of the cup, do not completely clean for a long time, but also easy to breed bacteria, the bottom of the cup to wash? Prepare a lighter and a toothbrush and bake the back of the toothbrush head with a lighter. After a few seconds, the parts will be softened by the fire, this time, we can use the hand to break the softened toothbrush. After the bending of the toothbrush, used to clean the bottom of the cup, very convenient and clean oh. It can be on the bottom of the cup to scrub dead!

2. in the same way, you can also use a lighter to bake the toothbrush head and the toothbrush handle between the neck, and then the toothbrush into a small brush L. This is used to clean the bottom of the cup, and some larger kettle bottom, is also very convenient oh.

3. keyboard is easy to dust, clean up the dirt on the surface of the keyboard is simple, the gap between the very easy when we can use an old toothbrush to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, to clean. The bristles of the toothbrush can penetrate into the keyboard gap, and the dirt in the dust can be quickly swept out, and the utility model is convenient to use.

4. floor of the gap is also very easy to accumulate dust, with a broom can not be very clean. Then you can use a toothbrush to clean the floor gap, both fast and effective.

5. if you find a hair dryer hair more and more slowly, may be hair dryer vents need cleaning. The air vents clean, hair dryer can greatly shorten the time.

6. the mouth of the sink is also very easy to accumulate dirt, clean is not very easy to breed bacteria. We can put two toothbrushes back-to-back, wrapped with a rubber band or tape. Wrap a good toothbrush head and the sink of the water tank is almost the same, the toothbrush in the above a few rotation, it will be able to 360 degrees without dead corner to clean it, and will not dirty hands. The original old toothbrush and there are so many magical ah, after the old toothbrush is no longer willing to throw! Sometimes it is a little transformation, we can become a good helper oh. Afraid of the old toothbrush bacteria, then use before the first bubble with boiling water.

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