Many Mothers Do Not Know The Secret! This Is A Baby, Not Constipation

Sometimes the baby will be several days without stool, may have mothers who think he is constipated, and then began to do some tricks, baby anal plug soap head ah, or is Enema Glycerini ah, even more directly to the hospital to give the baby enema, actually this is too worried, a lot of time this may just save baby belly, not constipation.

It can be said that 10 mothers, there are 8 mothers have been troubled by the problem of baby constipation:

“My baby didn’t pull shit for 3 days!”

“My home occasionally also like this, what method can treat baby constipation?”

Try Enema Glycerini, when the baby constipation!”

Here the mothers are likely to confuse a concept, the baby 3 days of defecation and constipation baby! Whether the baby constipation, not in a few days did not defecate to define, but related to the following points.

These signals indicate that the baby is constipated!

1, stool dry hard, caking, or a granular ball;

2, when the baby bowel pain, defecation difficulties, and even refused to defecate;

3, the baby anal fissure, stool with blood;

4, the baby is very smelly fart, feces smell, to sour than normal stool.

From the point of view of the above, we can know that the baby constipation in the stool when there is a characteristic, that is, stool dry hard, baby defecation difficulties”. That is to say, even if the baby every day but dry stool, defecation, defecation difficulties, which also belongs to the case of constipation, not simply to the baby’s bowel movements to determine whether the baby constipation.

Relieve constipation baby food:

1, carrots have double efficacy, relieve diarrhea and constipation, the mother did not understand, there is a kind of food, can relieve diarrhea, can relieve constipation, diarrhea and constipation are two opposite disease, what kind of food available? Yes, indeed can relieve carrots can relieve diarrhea, have constipation, the reason is: raw carrot and cool, have the effect of clearing away heat and purging fire, eat cooked carrots and temperature, stop the convergence effect, so, want to let the baby for constipation, should eat a raw carrot, to be used for diarrhea, should let the baby eat cooked carrots.

2, sweet potato and peanut: cooked sweet potato and peanut, peanut and sweet potato mud made the baby to eat, have a good effect on relieving constipation.

3, honey and bananas: get up in the morning, give the baby to eat a banana, and then drink a cup of honey, can effectively relieve constipation. (less than 1 years old baby should not eat honey)

4, pureed vegetables: celery, spinach, leek leaf vegetables cooked chopped into mud, can eat alone, and can also be in the noodles or porridge.

5, fruit: banana, watermelon, grape, litchi, kiwi fruit, pear and so on can be used for baby constipation.

6, soybeans: soy beans, celery, peanuts, carrots put together to make food to relieve constipation has a good effect.

7, Millet Congee: Millet Congee with brown sugar with brown sugar is the last month of the meal, eat a baby with easeconstipation effect, try the mother.

Why do you say that some children a few days of a row of feces, nor is it constipation?

It depends on how the baby bowel movements, stool traits. Some smaller months baby due to stomach capacity is relatively small, its capability is relatively weak, the intestinal food residue in less, not enough to form a meaning, the baby may therefore stool less, this situation is also known as “save the belly”!

One, then what is the specific save belly son?

With the increasing rate of breastfeeding, the baby 2 to 3 days, even 4 – 5 days without defecation no pain, exhausted stool is still a soft yellow, no induration, volume is not particularly large, this phenomenon is called save the belly.

This is because the baby full moon to two months for a period of time, because the digestive ability, to milk fully digested and absorbed, the residue is not much, not enough to stimulate the formation of rectal defecation, so the number of baby defecation will decrease.

At the same time that the mother’s milk quality is quite good, balanced nutrition, baby’s digestive ability is very good, can cause the baby’s intestinal peristalsis is not sufficient (because of good absorption, not fully, resulting in the emergence of peristalsis) “save belly” phenomenon.

Two, how to identify the mother and constipation?

Save the belly of the baby although a few days defecate once, but the discharge of the stool is normal yellow soft stool, which is the difference between the key to save the belly and constipation. The other two differences can be reflected in the defecation without pain, stool discharge is not much, no induration etc..

Constipation refers to the number of children’s stool and the character has changed. Constipation refers not only to reduce the number of stool, more important is that the stool dry, induration, discharge problems. Sometimes hard stool scraped intestinal mucosa also in stool sticking with blood or mucus, fecal hard will cause anal fissure and pain, the child anorexia, abdominal distension, left lower abdominal palpable fecal, this point is different and save the belly.

Save the baby, usually have the following performance:

1, baby defecation time is very easy, without any difficulty;

2, stool is a long strip of gold, no lumps (breast feeding baby stool may be thin);

3, stool without acid odor;

4, the baby’s mental state is good, good appetite.

But if the baby does not have a bowel movement for more than 3 days, it may also be considered constipation, or other intestinal diseases, which is best for a doctor to diagnose. )

Three, the baby to save belly to last?

The difference between the length of the baby to save the stomach is relatively large, some children are about ten days, but some can continue for half a month or even a month. The development of each child is different, usually after the full moon will reduce defecation, but as long as the baby is not normal for all the normal situation.

Children’s physical quality as well as their parents to take care of the good or bad, save the belly will be slightly different duration. If the child body quality is good, the parents take care of properly, save belly phenomenon may end early; if the child had poor physique, the parents have to take care of, save belly is likely to prolong the duration, and eventually into the baby constipation.

Four, the baby saved up, how to do?

1 timing stool

Save the belly is usually in the baby after the full moon appears, parents should from this time let the baby to develop in a fixed time stool habits, to help them form a good bowel habits.

2 abdominal massage

To the child’s navel as the center, the parents can be placed in the palm of his abdomen, clockwise massage, massage 10 minutes to rest for about 5 minutes, so repeated for the 3 time.
The child lying on the bed, holding the child’s legs do flexion and extension, a total bend his back and forth 10 times, then the single leg flexion 10 times. This movement can promote intestinal peristalsis, is conducive to stool discharge.

3 more water
If the phenomenon of belly fat in the body, it can be more appropriate to feed him to drink some water, if its full 4 months can also be in the gap between the two feeding the baby to feed some vegetables or fruit juice.

4 increase appetite
If the baby stool reduction, weight gain is not much, it is because of insufficient breast milk, parents need to add some formula to the child in time. Wait until the children 4-6 months, may be appropriate to feed some rice paste, you can add complementary formal after completely improved save stomach.

5 anal stimulation
You can use the aureomycin ointment external agents to help oil etc.. It is recommended that the child suck after 20 20min, the method is very simple, take appropriate amount of drugs, through the soft paper massage gently in the anus. Two times a day, every time slowly pushed by the press can be 10 times, each massage finished, the baby will soon have meaning. You can also dip the cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil to the child’s anus, so there will be the effect of stimulating defecation.
Generally speaking, save the baby belly is a normal physiological phenomenon, parents can not do anything, but studies have shown that children save belly may imply that breastfeeding is slightly less than or just enough, some methods should be adopted to meet the normal stage of children so that children The new supersedes the old. required, return to normal defecation times every day state 1-2 times. At the same time, parents should seize this opportunity to help children develop good bowel habits to prevent constipation in the future.


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