Jiangxi Hai Hou Tomb Archaeology: Faint Wrong Version Of “2 Million Baht Money Found”

January 13th news, the tomb of the tomb of the tomb of the tomb of the sea, Jiujiang buckwheat ruins, Jingdezhen kiln ruins…… 9 days, Jiangxi province Archaeological Association announced the 2016 Jiangxi archaeological achievements in the past year, Jiangxi has made great achievements in archaeology, in addition to the famous sea faint Hou archaeological tomb in Jiujiang, Jingdezhen, Ganzhou, Yingtan, Mount Longhu and other places also have great archaeological discoveries. But from a recent archaeological research of cultural relics in Jiangxi province has learned that the wrong version appeared “Han Hai faint Hou Liu He unearthed about two million gold coins”!

2016 archaeological achievements in Jiangxi, the most eye-catching archaeological excavation of the sea. Jiangxi Institute of cultural relics and Archaeology researcher Yang Jun introduction, in 2016, the Jiangxi cultural relics department of the main work of the tomb of the tomb of the sea or archaeological excavations and cultural relics protection. “At present, one of the major archaeological discoveries is the deep understanding of the traditional bronze casting process in china.” Yang Jun, Liu He tomb tomb unearthed bronze and bronze Chinese traditional manufacturing process is consistent, of which Boshan is using the lost wax method of furnace, and other large bronze bells take fan (Fan Zhu) method.


Nanchang Han Dynasty tomb relics protection sea faint Hou group management also revealed that the tomb of Liu He coffin unearthed 2 million rooms in the five baht money has been cleared about 100 thousand pieces, and found 1 pieces of “wrong version of” five baht money in them. “It will take a long time to clean up.” Management theory.

In addition to the sea with Hou tomb, in 2016 the Jiangxi archaeological work in Jiujiang, Jingdezhen, buckwheat ridge site kiln site, Ganzhou seven Town kiln, Jingdezhen kiln, Mount Longhu Hutian shangqinggong of archaeological excavation site also highlights.


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