Camera Skills–Colorful Yuanyang Photos

Yuanyang, aka Chinese officer duck. Mandarin duck refers to the male, the female must refer to. Yuanyang has colorful feathers, the most distinctive is the last one orange three level flight is very special, the formation area is in the back of the tree sail like structure, which is a significant feature of the Mandarin duck.

A year in Beijing, Yuyuantan shot bird friend told me that there is a group of Yuanyang, when more than hundreds, they travel in Beihai and Yuyuantan, morning and afternoon to Yuyuantan (Yuanyang people have love for food every day to feed to Yuanyang). When the night falls, they will fly back to Beihai to roost.
I asked: how do you know the Yuyuantan and Beihai is the same group of Yuanyang? A friend told me that there is a female not male appearance is not particularly Yuanyang, in both places to take it.

Shoot the bird, focusing precision, clear image, obvious features, is the basic requirements. Can be taken from different angles.

Slow door

The use of slow motion performance is the most ideal, but also the most difficult to control techniques. It is very important to know the speed of different birds and to decide the speed of the slow door, which often decides the success or failure of shooting.

The use of wide-angle lens shooting birds habitat pictures, so that the subject and the background are relatively clear. The birds were taken in faraway places, you have to use a telephoto lens shooting scene.

After the light is dim, most of the birds don’t shoot. In fact, now a professional camera shooting performance under weak light condition has greatly improved, and the weak light environment is a part of the life of yuanyang. I observed, Yuyuantan south of the buildings in the night light reflection in the lake, the light is very beautiful.


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