Body Piercing 6925 Of Her 46 Year Old Married More Than And 60 Year Old Husband!

There are a lot of people in the world who like to punch in the body, like many Native Americans in Africa and the americas. But do you know how many of the world’s most perforated?
Elaine Davidson punch
Elaine Davidson from Brazil, Edinburgh, the United Kingdom, a total of 6925 holes in the body to become the world’s largest perforation after the ring”. As early as 2005, she had already had 462 holes, breaking the Guinness book of world records. Now she has 6925 holes, and is still growing.
Elaine Davidson punch
Now Elaine Davidson went into the marriage hall, 46 year old married her more than and 60 year old husband Douglas Watson. On the wedding day, she carefully painted her face and put the ring on her face. There is also a ring that does not need to be pierced – ring.
Elaine Davidson punch
Elaine Davidson married in Edinburgh, more than 6 thousand holes on the body almost all wear jewelry, while her husband is no perforation.

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