A Solution To The Paradox Of The Age Of The Earth’s Magnetic Field

It is well known that you humans are protected against a variety of space radiation by a strong magnetic field. Because of the deflection of the magnetic field, all kinds of harmful radiation, ions are blocked, unable to reach the ground. The magnetic field is thought to be due to the surrounding liquid magma heat flow generated by the.

But scientists have been unable to explain the paradox of geomagnetic field. That is, liquid magma formation and flow are all based on the hot core, but research shows that the core of the age of only one billion years, but the umbrella to sustain life on earth’s magnetic field, but has existed for at least four billion years. The core of this paradox lies in our core how is heat driven liquid mantle forming periodic flow. The study of Kei Hirose at the University of science and technology in Tokyo shows that the tiny quartz (silica) crystals formed at our feet may be a breakthrough. Based on these crystals, we can change our computational model of the flow of the mantle and solve the paradox.

In the simulation of a computer in 2012, the core of the thermal conductivity was calculated about 150w/m/k. The thermal conductivity is thought to be too high to form stable convection in the mantle. So to solve this paradox may be only these types: the magnetic field of the age is not calculated as old, our core began to produce heat earlier than expected, or that there is what other things help to get a steady convection in the mantle four billion years ago.

Although most of the core is made of iron, but there are other elements of a small part: 5% nickel, silicon and oxygen 5% 2%. In order to find out in this heat and pressure, whether these elements, or in what way together is not clear, Hirose and his team used a diamond of these elements will be extruded, and heating them to a temperature of 4000 degrees Celsius by laser. Under extreme conditions, these elements melt, silicon and oxygen combine together to form quartz crystals. In theory, the quartz crystal structure formed in the early core change in the core, to slow the flow of mantle more buoyant, so that they can quickly rise to form stable convection.

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