10+ Times Kids Did Completely Innocent Things That Looked Dirty To Adults

Kids are a constant source of entertainment. From unintentionally making dirty spelling mistakes to innocent drawings that look dirty – they truly never cease to make us laugh.

#1 Best Accidental Photobomb Ever

#2 At Disney, Daughter Said “Mom Take A Picture Of Me Giving Rafiki A Kiss”

#3 Found My Son Sitting Like This Today

#4 Cum In Her It Is Fun

#5 My Nephew Made An “Egg Tower” To Take To School For Easter

#6 My Little Brother Wanted To Be A Dinosaur For Halloween. I Think He’s Doing It Right

#7 Yum

#8 My Girlfriends 6 Year Old Son Started Screaming “I Found The Golden Ticket!” Repeatedly As He Ran Up To Her Holding This

#9 Oops

#10 My 8 Week Old Son Always Stares At My Boobs After I Get Out Of The Shower. This Was His Expression This Morning

#11 So My Daughter Made Pancakes And Experienced A Stray Splatter

#12 My Friend’s Nephew Made This Birdhouse At Camp

#13 My Nephew Got Away From Me At The Thrift Store Today. I Found Him Like This

#14 My Son Found My “Fishing Rods”

#15 Girl Finds ‘Cock Ring’ On Aunty’s Bedside Table, Wears It Like A Bracelet

#16 My Little Sister (6) Drew A Picture Of A Shark On My Dad’s Head

#17 My Friend’s Kid Got Princess Boob At Every Meet And Greet

#18 Things Gone Wild

#19 She Doesn’t Understand Why She Can’t Bring Her Jump Rope To School Tomorrow

#20 Found This Old Photo Of My Little Brother

#21 Inappropriate Donald Duck

#22 Neighbor Kid Getting A Little Too Handsy With My Daughter

#23 So, My Son Won This Fishing Trophy

#24 My 9 Year Old Sister Came Out Of Her Room And Said That She Made “Cotton Candy” Out Of Balloons. It’s Not Exactly Cotton Candy

#25 My 4 Year Olds Biscuit Making! Nobody Ate It, It Just Didn’t Seem Right

#26 We Went To A Family Day Out At The Local And There Were Face Painters There. He Asked For An Elephant And This Was What He Got

#27 And One Night While We Were Listening To Old School Rap He Drew Two Turn Tables. I Was Just Glad He Didn’t Draw A Microphone Too

#28 So Called “Taco Fish” Art Project My Daughter Brought Home

#29 My 5 Year Old Came Running Out Of School Waving This Around This Last Year. He Said It Was A Rocket

#30 You Can’t Cum In Her

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